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Easterseals Michigan now onsite at NSE!

We are thrilled to announce a unique partnership with Easterseals Michigan to offer quality individualized counseling services to students at North Sashabaw Elementary School. The program is a result of a district-wide investment in the education and support of the whole child to create a foundation for lifelong social-emotional well-being. Through this partnership, a qualified, licensed Easterseals Michigan therapist is now onsite one day a week to provide counseling and referral services, working in cooperation with the school social worker, teachers and parents. Easterseals is also able to connect with private insurance and Medicaid, depending on the level of care needed. Read more!

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Partnerships for Student Success

We often tell our students that learning is not a straight path, with a set beginning and end. Rather, it's a lifelong spiral, with many opportunities to enrich our understanding and deepen our knowledge. This is how we grow.

Supporting The Healthy, Balanced Lives of Students

As I was meeting with our Parent Advisory Team, one parent said something that made an impact on me. She shared her desire for Clarkston's kids to be "to be seen, to be recognized, and to feel important." We all want that, don't we? When we feel understood and appreciated, we stand a little straighter, hold our heads up a little higher, and view the world through a brighter lens.

What Does it Cost to Educate a Child?

A new school finance study was released by the School Finance Research Collaborative, an organization representing educators, foundations and members of the business community. The Collaborative brought together top industry experts to reexamine our approach to how we fund Michigan's schools to fully prepare all students for jobs and success.

Shawn Ryan Named Interim Superintendent

Shawn Ryan was hired as interim superintendent of Clarkston Community Schools by the Board of Education, following the resignation of Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rod Rock on January 14, 2018.

1,000-mile Journey Connects AE Student with Wolves

Andersonville Elementary School third grader Mcallister "Cal" Keippala has always felt a special connection to wolves. Cal, and his family recently had the opportunity to travel to Chipley, Florida to visit the Seacrest Wolf Preserve for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with real wolves!